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To view pricing, typical ship schedules, or place  an order, just click on a product tab and make your selection which you can customize. You may print or e-mail yourself a quote 24/7 without factory assistance, or send in a quote request for un-priced items. Check our stock list for quick deliveries.


To our valued customers, we are doing everything possible to keep our facility open and functioning during this Corona Virus.   We are taking all recommended precautions necessary to keep our working environment safe and restricting access to our facility, wearing masks, taking temperatures and observing proper personal distancing. At this time, we have not experienced any critical material or manpower shortages to date and will try our best to meet all quoted or published delivery dates

We now carry some valves in stock for quick shipment
Check stock before placing an order

Posted on 2015-01-09 17:18:25 by Ed Simin

We now have a new Directory of valves that we stock. These are new valves that we have learned from experience that tend to be sold frequently. Although our website is designed with customization in mind where one can pick and choose the valve type,  size, material  options for both wetted and non-wetted options , that requires more time to build such a custom assembly than selecting one from stock . These lead times for both custom and stock valves are all published on our website.

Customers are just beginning to realize that if they can select a stock model that is close to the configuration they originally spec'd out, they can get their valve shipped in a matter of a day or two, and sometimes even the same day without incurring expediting charges. However, please observe the special reduced lead times for stock valves has some minimal time  built in for setting the valve pressure if one is requested and also an allowance for other orders already in the queue.

If you don't find an exact match, sometimes a slight upgrade to the valve materials may be required. Example; if you choose a 303SS valve body and we have one in stock in 316SS, it may pay to order the stock valve with a small price difference. Similarly if you wanted to order a carbon steel spring chamber and we have that same valve in stock with one in 303SS, it may pay to upgrade to get the valve shipped sooner.

So we now give you the option labeled  "Check Stock List" to check stock just before you quote or purchase the valve, and if you see one that is close to your requirements , you'll realize a significant lead time in delivery and a possible price reduction if you happen to choose the exact same configuration. The stock list that will be displayed is filtered to show the same product type you are looking for. Should you want to see our entire stock list, click on "Stock Valves and Strainers"

However, our stock quantities are limited, so this may not work for you if you require a large quantity purchase. Please check out each individual situation. The stock quantity on hand is listed on our website and is usually kept up to date daily.

Remember that you can generate a quote by yourself on line 24/7 whether it is a custom made or stock valve. But of course expect the stock levels to change daily. So if you wait too long to consider purchasing the stock valve, it  may have already been sold, or the quantity level reduced from the time you may have looked at it last.


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