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To our valued customers, we are doing everything possible to keep our facility open and functioning during this Corona Virus.   We are taking all recommended precautions necessary to keep our working environment safe and restricting access to our facility, wearing masks, taking temperatures and observing proper personal distancing. At this time, we have not experienced any critical material or manpower shortages to date and will try our best to meet all quoted or published delivery dates

New Facility Improvements at Straval

Posted on 2015-01-10 17:14:36 by Ed Simin

Straval continues to add more new and upgraded equipment to not only increase capacity but to improve productivity and the quality of parts we manufacture at our facility in Garfield NJ, USA. We have been making additions and upgrades every year since the demand for our products have increased. We continue to add and upgrade our CNC milling and CNC turning capacity so we can continue to manufacture quality parts at our own facility. Earlier this year, we added two more CNC machines to our facility and a new precision engine lathe for low quantity runs. This not only gives us control over the lead times for the valves and strainers we quote, but also helps control or lower our costs as we manufacture most items in house. This is why we are able to give you both competitive prices and exceptional lead times.
Although most of our products are "made to order" thereby letting the customer choose exactly the materials and options they need in their valves, we have recently started to add limited stock on some popular products where we know there are frequent and repeat sales. This has often removed the need to charge a customer expediting charges if we have a product that is a very close match in size, materials and other specification. Our website now prompts you to check stock before you are ready to place an order for any of our items that you have selected. Or you can simply glance at our stock list.
Adding new and upgrading our existing manufacturing equipment allows us to keep up with increasing demand and at the same time giving us the capability for manufacturing a limited quantity of valves and some strainers to keep in stock. The latter has required that we revamp our entire storage system so we can add more inventory to keep our lead times low.

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